We’re a Gigantic Orb of Negativity on the Verge of Explosion


Remember journalism?

The focus should always remain on we the people and not poor decisions we the people have collectively made.

The lost art of journalism. The industry where writers would chase down and crack the stories we the people so deserved to hear. Stories about poisoned water, government corruption, serial killers and underground sex rings. Remember how shocked you felt when you read it was right near your neighborhood?

So long to the days of journalism as it heads out the door. We’re dismissing an entire genre of writers, real writers. Remember when journalist rushed off to type up stories? They had deadlines to meet to make it to print.

Adios. No more.

The passion to find the truth. The ambition to let it be known. Gone. It’s been tossed with all the other foundations that made America the great country it once was.

We look to our leader who vowed to make “America great again” as he tears us down one by one with his vicious lack of self control. He stomps on the very fabric this country was built on.

Welcome to the fad of online news media platforms swaying our attention in whatever direction they want it to go. We’re like dogs chasing a bone tied to a stick. As it hangs above our heads we’ll never quite catch it.

This is our culture now.

News media platforms plague us with their bullshit we’re so willingly spoon fed. We’re a huge part of the problem. We accept it, allow it and with everything else American, enough is never enough. If we choose to believe whatever they tell us we’re more or less taking it up the ass.

I’ve cut off the terror, violence and crime. I’ve filtered my internet usage, said screw you to television and leave the daily newspapers piled up on my lawn. I don’t need the crap filling whatever small amount of space I have for myself with endless, vomit worthy negativity.

Like, hey Fox News- can you STFU already? You’re all over the place. There is no escape. Fake news! Fake News! Our president cries, but not Fox News. They are his prize.

My husband is unable to control himself. It seeps into his veins and it slowly takes over his brain. It possesses him. Last night he couldn’t help but to tell me every headline story he was reading. The thing that gets me is why aren’t we ever surprised by the fucked up shit people do? These stories are getting clicks.

I believe as a whole we’ve become desensitized.

A young girl was locked in a box as punishment for taking Popsicles without permission. The young girl dies while in said box. Someone killed a child over Popsicles?

I’m unclear if that’s a question or an expression of disgust.

What is wrong with us as a society? The media glorifies it and we’re okay with this. We must be if we’re reading it. We fuel their power. They’re winning.

We say, Wow and, Damn that sucks and then we’re finished. Poof. On to the next thing.

He continued to ramble about horrific stuff. An eight month old baby is found still alive after being put inside a plastic bag. Abandoned by her 17 year old mother three days prior. How about the slumber party where a twelve year old girl followed through with her premeditated plan of pouring boiling hot water onto another girl’s face who was sleeping? They had gotten into an argument and well, “she doesn’t like her.”

The story is posted on Twitter with the hashtag #1010wins because it’s important the news outlet gains attention.

Dear lord. I couldn’t bear listening to him go on anymore.

Why is he reading this? Compassion.

Why do I attempt to tune him out? Ignorance.

I’m confident there will be many voices claiming we aren’t okay with this but actions speak louder than words.

We march for peace. We march for freedom. We march against racism. We march against congress. Why aren’t we marching for the disgraceful, cruel and nauseating acts of horror that take place in our country every day?

Terrorism is a hot topic in America. We must protect America from terrorists! Why are we not protecting ourselves from the daily acts of terrorism that takes place within our boundaries.

Instead we turn our heads and accept it.

We’re going to build a wall! Has anyone considered the fact that by doing so we’re trapping ourselves inside all of this?

I look over at my husband, his face wearing a tinge of green, eyes squinting. His expression says someone just pillaged his village.

Stop, I say. It’s clear you feel despaired and devastated.

What do you expect? Yes, I feel devastated. These are children.

It doesn’t have to be this way but it is because it’s become the standard norm, an expectation, where we all turn our heads so no one has to own it.

I’m no better then the rest of the population who chooses to hide inside their own lives, self righteous and alluding so much as the slightest notion. One day we, or a loved one could become the next story while online news media platforms creep into every crevice of the internet with pop ups and page redirects, filling our social media feeds so there’s no longer a means of avoiding it.

It’s escalating.

In the words of James Scott bell, Life is not about you alone. It’s about relationships and giving and making the world a better place. The happiest people on earth are those who find a way to give something back. Be one of those people.

It’s time to get off our asses.

We have no one else to blame.

I blog to stay sane.