Should I Be Taking it Personally That My Cats Get More Views Than My Stories Do?

These Facts are Based on Facts and not on Opinion

Photo Credit: Me

Okay guys, the numbers don’t lie and I can kind of understand. The world sucks right now. I don’t speak for everyone but a lot of us are caught up in that every day grind, the rat race, working jobs we hate only to come home, turn on the tube and hear the word Trump every two seconds.

I don’t blame you. Cats make the world a better place. I know from personal experience. I’m the one with all these cats.

I appreciate Nico, Lu, China, Brutus, Boomer, Sammy, Bones and Olive. I know it doesn’t sound rational and I have no explanation that would make it appear as if I have any clear judgment whatsoever. I love them and they love me. How much more do we really need to know beyond that?

Here’s the thing, though. They’re cute, they’re fluffy, they provide snuggles and endless entertainment but I’d have to argue that I’m one thing they’re not.


I’m creative and they are well, they sleep a lot, they eat a lot, they poop a lot. It’s basically the foundation of their lives.

I’m over here writing stories day after day pouring my heart out, my soul bleeding, my words luring.

I take readers to another world, another place, on a journey or adventure. I make readers laugh, I make them cry and at best my stories get 2K views while photos of my cats are hitting a daily average of 5k plus. What?

I create art that’s dope AF.

My photography is bomb, too.

I even made this awesome bag out of Duct Tape. They couldn’t do that.

I get it. I do. Don’t sweat it. I’m not bitter or jealous. It’s all good. They’re cats. The don’t even have to try. They’re just automatically cool.

Then there’s me. I can’t make music worth of shit but neither can they, so whatever.

Guys, I’m so sorry to tell you this but you only see the good side of my cats.

You don’t know that Lou is an ornery senior citizen that scowls at the others.

You don’t know that China sits on the toilet seat in all her weirdness and awkwardness but never actually pees.

You don’t know that when a dust particle floats through the air Brutus instantly becomes traumatized, runs off as fast as he can and crashes into walls taking the rest of the pack down with him.

You don’t know that the only way to get Boomer back inside the house is by the sound of shaking cat food.

And please, I beg of you to ask Sammy, Bones and Olive the last time we actually had a roll of toilet paper that wasn’t shredded. Or a newspaper, the wallpaper and garbage bags.

They also eat books.

Honestly, Nico is purrrfect. Well, with the exception of chasing our neighbor’s dog, if you consider that to be a problem which our neighbor does.

Now, I’m not at all attempting to shatter your image of them. They deserve your admiration and I’m by no means denying I haven’t any flaws. But come on, guys. I write stories. Creative, meaningful, heartfelt, humorous stories. I create art that colors the world. I take photographs that capture prepossessing moments in time.

Don’t I deserve some admiration too?

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Meow 😺

©️ 2018, Erika Sauter. All Rights Reserved. Previously published in 2016.



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