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Finally a Topic with More Headlines Than Trump


When Medium.com introduced “the clap,writers immediately took to the online blogging platform to express their thoughts on the new change. TBH, I don’t recall reading any articles where a writer expressed enthusiasm over it.

Next came the new logo. The new logo articles intertwining with the clap articles became all the rage. I wanted to conform, I did. I wanted to jump that train but the creative in me felt the need to stay focused on my work. Shout out to my number one priority #work.

BTW, I appreciate so many complaints. There’s finally a topic with more headlines than Trump. Thank you, Jesus.

And now, the roll out of the Medium Partner Program. When I was first invited to participate in the program I didn’t know of any other writers who had been asked. Over the past several days it’s become clear the program has hit a significant expansion by the number of stories I’ve read published on the topic.

Okay boys and girls, saddle up. We’re going for a ride.

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Why the Medium Partner Program is such a super fantastic opportunity (in non-listicle form because I greatly dislike listicles)

I get it. We all feel a bit like guinea pigs. Not only that but we all want to behave like guinea pigs in hopes of figuring out the method to the madness. I feel you, bro. I want to figure out the method to every madness. Curiosity eats away at me similar to how leeches suck blood. I’ve been desperate to figure out the method behind my husband’s madness but we’ve got to face facts. Just let it go. Accept it for what it is.

Medium is saving me a shitload of time. Do you know how much time I spend every week querying editors to publish my work? Like, a lot of time. Each publication focuses on a different topic, genre, audience and once I’m finished with my piece the hunt is on.

Well, not anymore. Medium is a platform who welcomes every topic under the sun including stories written about the sun, that beautiful star of fiery gas.

I can spend so much more time doing what I love-writing, and less time doing what I don’t love- querying.

Medium gave me the opportunity to host all of my work in one place. What?! Heck yeah. (Well, not entirely true. It’s stored in my OneDrive as well.)

I’m a published writer. For real. You can Google me. Now I can publish all of my work, in one place, for all of my readers, and payment and have more time to focus on creativity, napping and eating junk food.

**Disclaimer. Regardless of what Google may inform I have never been arrested, committed a traffic violation or have owned a home in Armadillo.

I get it. We feel like sellouts. What about our readers that don’t pay membership fees? With a limit of three member exclusive articles per month we’re putting an irrational amount of pressure on them to choose our stories.

Are we really, tho? It’s your story. You own it. Unlock it after a week, two or three weeks, whatever. Post it on your personal blog site.

Continue writing open to the public pieces as well. I write on Medium every day. Mostly because I’m a creative writing crackhead but also because I flutter like a butterfly from social engagement.

We’re adults. Figure out what works best for you. Take the tools you have been given and make it happen.

I get it. Your following, your readership, they are your livelihood. Hey, me too. I take it seriously. I consider my readers to be gods because without them ain’t no one be reading my work. That’s why my personal email address is plastered on everything I do. Cultivate, for the love of god. Be responsive.

Drum roll please…

Payday. Yes, we are being compensated for our work. We’re being paid money to write. We are paid writers. Yes, it’s based off of some type of system consisting of clapping, reader engagement and membership fee percentages that makes no sense to me no matter how many times I’ve read the FAQ. Does it matter, tho? We’re saving time, we’re writing what we want to write, we’re doing it all on one platform.

I’ve never made a crap ton of money selling articles and stories to publications. On average I’ve make $50, $75 or $100 but only after the editor guts my story and sends it back for revision so many times I want to run over my laptop with my truck and slug vodka straight from the bottle. Medium is allowing you to publish as many stories as you want and written as you wrote it for payout. They’re allowing you to appeal to your audience, not theirs.

My last payout was enough money to make a donation to the Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey relief, feed my fam produce purchased at the farmer’s market (shop locally, people), buy grip tape at the mom and pop hardware shop for my son’s skateboard (shop locally, people), pay my internet bill (there is no option to shop locally, people) and have a bit of pocket cash left over.

Ready to Publish? Click.




I blog to stay sane. erikastorms.substack.com

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Erika Storms

Erika Storms

I blog to stay sane. erikastorms.substack.com

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