10 Things That Inspired Me This Week

When the Motherfucking Sad Was Really Fucking Bad

Photo Credit: Amberleigh Storms
  1. Potato print painting.

I don’t know why. It just felt good to create something pointless and then toss it into the ‘Bad Art’ pile.

Photo Credit: Me

2. This quote by Hank Green.

“We ascribe to the idealistic notion that audiences don’t pay for things because they’re forced to, but because they care about the stuff that they love and want it to continue to grow.”

Hank’s words lit a fire of motivation under my ass. I’ve started six personal narrative story drafts. I shall plant a seed. Watch me grow.

3. I read this article in the New York Times which states that napping boosts your creativity.

Therefore it’s possible I’m more creative than I thought I was.

4. Reading The Stranger in the Woods, written by Michael Finkel and recommended by Trish Christoffersen.

Because wow and no spoilers. Read it.

5. This conversation with my husband at 10:00 PM on Friday night:

Him: Do you want to watch Dunkirk now?

Me: Do I want to watch tens of thousands of people get slaughtered during a historical mistake after we’ve had a long stressful day and before we go to sleep? No.

We watched it the next day. I give it thumbs up. To be clear, I give the movie- the dramatic reenactment- thumbs up , not the slaughtering or the horrid, historical nightmare.

6. Color.

For some reason, even when I’m at my shittiest, I still feel colorfully wonderful.

7. Early mornings spent with my Remington.

No, this is not an insert to a future Pulitzer Prize winning novel but it is already in the stack of, Why did I write this?

8. Clearing the photos from my camera and finding these:



They inspire me with a giant ass heart flutter.

9. Tumblr!

Tumblr is an enjoyable time sucking bottomless pit of scrolling through a feed of creative and artistic overload,


It’s a digital everything canvas and since I consider myself technology challenged it’s been exciting to mess around with the features.

I now document everything I do on Tumblr and when my husband and I get into bed at night I whip out my cellphone and say, Bro, check out what I did today…

10. After being criticized by an editor for submitting a brief bio in first person narrative I was inspired to write (and re-submit) this:

Erika Sauter is a writer and artist. She currently lives in Small Town, Iowa with her husband, children and eight cats. Her hobbies include excessive reading, eating her feelings and shamelessly adding self-promo links in her bio. You can support her work at www.patreon.com/erika_sauter and- or follow her creative endeavors on Medium. She feels awkward writing about herself in third person.



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